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Family Crests

          There are numerous derivations for family surnames. There are also various family crest attached to these surnames. While these are helpful, I feel they do not depict a proper description of the evolution of my family’s history. These family crests are representations of the lifestyle, livelihood, homeland, and most important, the everyday struggles my ancestors faced. Each family crest has a brief description that strongly relates to the Carr, Smith, Bennett and Baptiste families as I have come to know them.


           In some instances, these surnames are not indigenous to our ancestors but instead, it is names given to them by those who wished to identify persons they considered their property. For this reason I do not attach a great deal of significance to family crest based on surnames. I used surnames as a starting point for my research.  

           The origin of a specific surnames has no significant value to me, unless there is a direct DNA connection. Thankfully, I have found conclusive evidence of direct descendants within the Carr lineage. This discovery has given me the opportunity to make comparisons of occupations, lifestyles, physical features and other similarities.  Jayne McGarvey summed it up best when she said "Finding the path our ancestors walked is not always easy but the rewards of the journey make the effort worthwhile."

The plow is representative of the instrument Rev. Carr used in tilling  the land as a farmer.The musical instrument played by Rev. William Henry Carr depicts the appreciation for the Fine Arts which was passed down through six generations. The bible represents the seven generations within the Carr Ministerial Lineage of ancestors. 

The African continent is representative of the native homeland of ancestors sold into slavery in America.

The soldier depicts the struggle for liberation and Rev. Samuel Smith's contribution toward freedom.

The Minister symbolizes Rev. Sam Smith, founder of the First African Baptist Church of Saint Bernard Parish.

The small island nation of Mauritius, believed to be the motherland of many within the Baptiste lineage.

The ship symbolizes slave ships from the French/British West Indies. These ships brought our ancestors to North America. This beautiful Island is known as the "Star and Key" and is located in the Indian Ocean. 

The flags of Ghana, Kenya and Cameroon represent the homeland of our ancestors who were abducted and sold into slavery. The deeply rooted tree is representative of the strength and stability displayed by our Bennett ancestors. The Bible and Cross represent "Trust in God "which lends credence to the meaning of the Bennett name – ‘Blessed’.  

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