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Our Ancestors

Rose and Thomas Jeferson

3x great grandparents


Rose Jeferson, born in 1815 in South Carolina and Thomas Jeferson, born 1809 in South Carolina were my 3x great grandparents. The family consisted of three sons: Savage, Sheddrick and Cornelius; and two daughters: Charlotte and Christine. Although born in South Carolina, decades later they made their home in Louisiana. They are the foundation of what would become the Carr dynasty.

Information obtained from United States Census

Charlotte and Jesse Baptiste

2x great grandparents


Charlotte Jefferson born 1831 to Rose and Thomas Jeferson; was the wife of  Jesse Baptiste, born 1821 in Louisiana. Together, they reared seven children and resided in varied parishes within Louisiana. Yet, it is important to note that they made their home in a small Village in lower Saint Bernard Parish. The children were: August, Patrick, Olivia, Mary, Lillie, Lucy Ann and my great grandmother, Elizabeth Baptiste.

Information obtained from United States Census and The Family Bible of Rev. William Henry Carr

Elizabeth Baptiste Carr Rene’

Great Grandmother


Elizabeth Baptiste was born in 1862 in Louisiana. Her ancestry stems from the  British West Indies, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. She was the common-law wife of David Carr and together, they were the parents of a son, William Henry and a daughter, Elizabeth, whose short life only spanned a few years. Elizabeth later married Simon Rena’.  As transcribed in my grandfather’s Bible, she died at the age of 56 years in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 13, 1918. She was laid to rest on April 14, 1918 in Verrett Cemetery.


David Carr

Great Grandfather

David Carr was born in North Louisiana. His early years were spent in what is known today as Cajun Country which is made up of 22 parishes within the state of Louisiana. He resided in Lafayette,  Acadia, Iberia, Evangeline and St. Bernard Parishes. While a resident of St Bernard Parish he became the common-law husband of Elizabeth Baptiste and the father of William, and Elizabeth Carr.  Upon his death, his remains were returned to Iberia parish, where he is interred. David was the father of ten children as well as one of ten children.


(information listed obtained from the family Bible of Rev. William Henry Carr)


Nancy and Jacob Bennett

2x great grandparents


Nancy Bennett born 1820 in South Carolina and Jacob Bennett, born 1813 in Virginia were my 2x great grandparents. They resided in both Virginia and South Carolina.  They later made their home in Louisiana, where they reared their three children: Patrick, Arthur and my great grandmother, Miley. (Millie, Molly).

Information obtained from United States Census and The Family Bible of Rev. William Henry Carr

Millie Bennett Wood Smith and Samuel Smith


Miley Bennett was born 1859 in Louisiana and Samuel Smith was born in April 1847 in South Carolina. These are my great grandparents. Both, having previously been married, brought children into this union and created a blended family, which included, Davis Smith, only child of Pinkey and Samuel Smith, and Warren and Jacob Wood; sons of Miley and William Wood.  Their family consisted of an additional three daughters, Lucy, Georgiana and my grandmother, Ellen.

Samuel Smith and his young son moved to Verrett, Louisiana after the death of his wife Pinkey in 1880. They previously lived in Santee, Georgetown County, South Carolina with his mother, Lavinia.  Miley was recently divorced from her husband and in 1883 they wed.


He was a minister of the Gospel instrumental in the founding of what was first known as First African Baptist Church of Saint Bernard Parish; now known as First Baptist Church of Verrett. He was the shepherd of this congregation for numerous years. Samuel Smith died on August 14, 1928 at the age of 81. Miley Bennett died on September 3, 1935 at the age of 76


(Information obtained from the 1880 United States Census, personal journal of Rev. W.H. Carr and family Bibles of Rev. William H. Carr and Rev. Ellen Carr Richard)   



Lavinia Smith

2x great Grandmother


Lavinia Smith was born 1831 in Santee, Georgetown, South Carolina. According to records found within the family Bible, other children born to Lavinia were: William, Phoebe, Riner,  and Teasher.  Further information is pending through continuous research.

Information obtained from the 1880 United States Census

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