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January 2021

Because of our ancestry, our thirst for knowledge and self-improvement grows stronger each day. Our forefathers taught their children the value of accomplishments leading to the tremendous undulation of knowledge and wisdom within many families.

Our ancestors instilled dignity, tenacity, perseverance and the hunger for a place among those whose goal is advancement and achievement.  They commanded respect and received it. And because of that mutual respect as men and women, equal in every way; they were able to succeed where those before and many since, have failed.

And today we remember them as persistent individuals, whose simple will power and drive kept them constantly at the door of those in positions of authority, seeking that which they felt was a basic right. Having gained the right and the ability to stand among these ‘powers that be’ they were faced with hatred, jealousy and envy in their lifetime yet refused to stoop so low as to seek retaliation in any manner.

Our ancestors were men and women of unassuming temperament. And those who once offered self-righteous judgment upon them, found themselves entreating spurious forgiveness, as they extended a sanctimonious hand, and offered a place among their panel of adjudicators. These indignant men and women were greeted graciously and offered absolution and exoneration. Still our forefathers refused to partake in their ruse. Being humble people, they were taught never to seek vengeance, no matter where it originates, nor how ancient the substance of the issue may be.

Yvonne Richard Sanchez

All Rights Reserved©2021


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