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February 2022


Hopes and Dreams

Copyright©2018 All Rights Reserved

By:  Yvonne Richard Sanchez


             As we begin another year, our focus must be about living the best life possible. We must turn our eyes toward heaven, open our eyes, our minds, and, our hands, to accept what God has in store for our lives. We cannot allow the spirit of degradation to become our mantle as we go through life.  As we are the descendents of the Carr-Smith family, we must grasp the torch of inspiration, lifting it high so that generations will see the light and follow the footsteps of our ancestors. We must continue walking with hope in our hearts while daring to dream of a brighter future.

             Our ancestral leaders gave their all so that we could have better than they had in their lifetime. Our determination must be powerful; our efforts must overflow with strength; and, as we experience gains, success, and completion of efforts by the sweat of our brows, let us do it with dignity and humility.

             We must never lose the thirst for improvement. We must strive to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our ancestors. As they lay sleeping, let us not become complacent in our quest. Our ancestors were warriors therefore we are warriors fighting for our right to live while constantly creating a better life; a better situation for our children to enjoy. The hopes and dreams of our ancestors were limited yet, they never gave up.

             Everyone possess hopes and dreams in life. Some live to see their dreams come true while others are asleep as the generational gap widens; taking them farther from their once joyful thoughts. It is then that hopes and dreams become mere fodder for inconsistency.  If we must leave this dimension before our hopes and dreams come to fruition, let it be with a satisfaction that we lived a full and fruitful life; maybe not as we had planned but as God chose for us.

             For one day we must all come to the reality that there are higher- heights, deeper -depths and wider breadths than we could ever imagine.  Our purpose is not to remain quiescent, but to spread our wings; reach for the heavens and cherish the little things that bring joy and happiness.

 Hopes and dreams are simply unfulfilled wishes. Some will come to pass while others will fade into nothingness.  If we are to taste the appetizing fullness of life and experience the rich bouquet of being; then, as we sip from the cup of hopes and dreams we must open our hearts, give of ourselves completely, and as the cup touches our lips, sip the beautiful nectar and focus on a brighter and better future.

Yvonne Richard-Sanchez

All Rights Reserved©2022

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