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April 2021

Distinguishing Truth from Fiction

As a child we learn many things. Most of these things are valid and need no modification. Most of them are useful and meant to help us during our formative years. Most of them are seen as the foundation on which we build our hopes and dreams. Most of the lessons we learn are geared toward becoming better persons; even better than our mentors. The lessons are important but, the inspiration, the determination, the ability to maintain, those principles must come from within us.


Too many times a word may be misconstrued and the interpretation becomes distorted. The real purpose of the lesson is lost and our fate is altered. The purpose then becomes an imaginary tale woven and altered for years until it becomes an epic fabrication of life. The transliterate message is propelled by ignorance whose haven lies within the adaptation.


Many begin to subsist in the modified adaptation; allowing providence to overshadow their lives. Constructive truth is the fate set before us as we mature into adulthood. Our thoughts and deeds must mirror the reality laid before us. But when the lessons learned causes their lives to become putrid there is a dire need to step back and re-evaluate the foundation upon which this base lies.


Only by recognizing trivial deviations and acknowledging major inaccuracies can anyone hope to resolve the catastrophe and begin to correct the mistakes made. They must look within themselves to find the solace they so desperately seek. Then with awareness can they begin to move forward and reclaim the real significance of their purpose on earth.  


This paraphrase of the scripture best represents the standard by which we should hold ourselves accountable for future actions “I count not myself to have full and complete grasp of things: but this one thing I know I must do, and that is to forget those things which have consumed me and my life in the past and look forward and reach for those things which are yet to come.

Yvonne Richard-Sanchez

All Rights Reserved©2021

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