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The Carr Children

"Someone has said that there is little point in digging up an ancestor if you aren't going to make him live. If that is true - and I believe it is - our job is not finished until we feel a bit of what they felt, have shared vicariously in their joys and heartaches - perhaps shed a tear with them in their sorrow,

laughed at the humor in their life, and felt pride in their accomplishments."

 Paraphrased from the works of Val D. Greenwood

Miley Carr Giles Fleming

            Miley was born June 24, 1904 in Verrett, Louisiana. She was the second child born; yet the first child to live to adulthood. Her early years were spent in St. Bernard Parish where she met and married her first husband, Ben Giles. This marriage produced one child, a daughter whose name was Katie. She later met and married James Fleming.


            Given a spool of thread, or a skein of yarn and a crochet needle, she could and often did produce a wardrobe consisting of hats, scarves and shawls.  Her handiwork could also be seen in the coverlets that adorned the furniture of homes throughout New Orleans and St. Bernard. She was affectionately known as “Auntie Miley” a name not only used by her nieces and nephews but also her grandchildren, as well as her sisters and brothers.


            As a child she was baptized at First African Baptist Church of Verrett.  Miley later moved to New Orleans and joined Sunlight Baptist Church. Her Christian journey spanned many years as an assiduous member of the deaconess board, under the leadership of Rev. William Jackson, Rev. Nathaniel Golden and Rev. James Parnell, which ended only at the conclusion of her life.


            As she began to age, and after the loss of her only child, she was lovingly cared for by her grandchildren: Mary, Raymond, Ernest, Betty, Jacquelyn, William and Danny. She quietly passed away at Lakeland Hospital in New Orleans on Thursday, October 28, 1993 at the age of 89. She will always be remembered for her loving and giving manner toward her family and those she had the pleasure of meeting in all walks of life.

Samuel Freddie Carr

            Samuel was born June 2, 1908 in Verrett, Louisiana. He was the second son. He lived in Verrett, before making his home in Plaquemine Parish. After residing in Pointe a’la Hache, he moved to New Orleans where he met and married Camille Paige. He had no biological children of his own, but was stepfather to Camille’s children: Levy Hegwood, Maurice LeFaire and Barnabial LeFaire.


            He was gainfully employed at Barata and Page Pharmaceutical Company where he worked on the loading dock with Newman Shief, William Valley, Sam Williams and his brother-in-law David Dabney for numerous years.


            Samuel was baptized at First African Baptist Church of Verrett. He later moved to New Orleans to live and placed his membership with Sunlight Baptist Church. After years of living in New Orleans, he and his wife, Camille, decided to return to Saint Bernard Parish. They built their home near Second Missionary Baptist Church in Highland; where he worshipped for many years. He loved music. His favorite solo was “It’s My Desire.” His Christian life was very versatile and this was evident as he attended class at The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research and later fellowshipped with St. John Baptist Church in Bertrandville, Louisiana, under the leadership of Rev. Willie Ben.


            He was an advocate of education and will forever be remembered for gifting pencils and writing paper to his nieces and nephews at the beginning of each school year. On Thursday, December 5, 1996 at the age of 88, he passed away at Lakeland Hospital in New Orleans. He will always be affectionately remembered for his music, his laughter and his kind heart. “Yes, we really did have an ‘Uncle Sam’.”

Mary Carr Armaso Dabney

            Mary was born September 23, 1909 in Verrett, Louisiana. She grew up in Verrett and later made her home in Point a’la Hache, before residing in New Orleans.


            Her first marriage was to Victa Armaso.  She later met and married David Dabney.  This union produced four children:  Marie, Geraldine, Moses and Alice Rita. She was stepmother to Helen and Mena Armaso and Alzina,  Lubertha, and David Dabney, Jr.


            As a young child, she was baptized at First African Baptist Church of Verrett  along with her sister, Ellen and their cousin Sam Smith. She 

worshipped there until she relocated to New Orleans, at which time she placed her membership with Sunlight Baptist Church. She was a member of the Mission and Prayer Band, President of the Deaconess Board, and ‘Mother of Sunlight Baptist Church’. After hurricane Katrina, unable to worship at her church, she placed her membership with First Pilgrim Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Eugene Mitchell.


            She was recognized by religious and civic organizations as a trailblazer; and received commendations from the city of New Orleans as well as an appointment by Sheriff Foti as an Honorary Deputy with the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s office for her work with the prison ministry. Applauded for her confectionary skills; when given basic ingredients, she produced the best pastries. Skilled in origami, she created beautiful floral designs.


            Her life ended on Sunday, September 13, 2009 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; ten days prior to her one-hundredth birthday. She dedicated her life to prayer and intercession for her children and grandchildren and other family members. Her loving legacy lives on through her many offspring and the numerous lives she touched.

Willie Carr

           Willie was born March 8, 1912 to Ellen and William Henry Carr in Verrett, Louisiana. He grew up in Verrett where he met and married Emily Fernandez. To this union seven children were born. They are: Melvin, Willa, Wilfred, Dowling, Peggy, Lillian and Lisa.


            He was baptized at First Baptist Church by his father and later served at Sunlight where he sang in the choir and served as superintendent of the Sunday School. Around 1973 he moved his membership to First African Baptist Church, Sixth District.  While there he served in the capacity of Sunday School teacher, member of the Deacon Board and was an active member of the Baptist Training Union. In 1974 he was blessed with the opportunity to serve as Men Day chairman at First African Baptist Church, Sixth District.


            His religious work within the church was uncompromising. He was an ardent teacher, soloist and musician. His instrument of choice was the guitar. His talent was evident as he accompanied the Golden Chain Jubilees, on Sunday morning on radio station WBOK, as well as other gospel groups throughout the city of New Orleans.  His favorite songs included: “There Will Be Peace in the Valley” and “Where Could I Go, But to the Lord”. Recognition for his work in the church and gospel music field did not go unnoticed as he was presented with the "This is Your Christian Life" award sponsored by WBOK in 1961. He was a devout Christian whose commitment to God was unquestionable.


            He was passionate about education. He encouraged all children in their pursuit for higher education. He made a point of attending family events often taking photographs in order to share as well as memorialize the event. A joyful time was had by all who were in his presence when he would share his childhood escapades with us. He was fun loving, kind, and a most generous individual whose life was complete only after enhancing the lives of others.


            Wednesday, March 19, 1975 he passed away in the presence of his devoted wife and children within the confines of his home in New Orleans. His music may have stopped; his song may have ended but the melody lingers on; flowing through the veins of his descendants.

Ellen Louise Carr Richard

          Ellen Louise was born February 20, 1915 to William and Ellen Carr, in Verrett, Louisiana. She was reared in Verrett where she met and married James Richard. To their union six children were born. They are: Antoinette, James, Jr., Janie, Yvonne, Jessie Paul and Theresa. She was the step-mother of Zelma and Juanita.


          Ellen received music lessons at a young age and often accompanied her father on preaching engagements singing and playing piano. Her talents were utilized at churches in St. Bernard, Plaquemine, Jefferson and Orleans Parishes and later at the Gospel Music Workshop of America in St. Louis, Missouri; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, where she joined her fellow ministers praying and anointing delegates.


           She was baptized at First Baptist church in Verrett. When her father became pastor of Second Baptist Church she placed her membership there. Heeding the call of the Holy Spirit she joined Blessed Saint Martin Divine Spiritual Church where her gift was welcomed. She was robed on August 18, 1963 and ordained on December 14, 1969 as a Minister of the Gospel. As such, she preached the gospel, offered prayers and words of kindness to those who were receptive and often those who were not. She was graciously received to utilize her gift in the pulpit at Third Baptist, Second Baptist, Corinne Missionary and Mt. Olive Baptist churches; as well as numerous churches in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. She opened the doors of her home and hosted a Saint Joseph Altar seven consecutive years extending the invitation to all persons regardless of ethnic background, or religious beliefs.


           She faced many obstacles in life but none deterred her love and devotion for serving God. She was a pioneer in the fight against injustice toward women in the pulpit. She often endured ridicule and more from relatives, neighbors and friends who considered themselves "Children of God." In spite of it all, many were blessed through her prayers and intercession on their behalf. She possessed a gentle spirit and a forgiving heart.


           She peacefully left us on Wednesday, March 25, 1981 but her persistent and ubiquitous spirit still flows through the veins of her children and grand-children. She was and still is considered an extraordinary lady.

Joseph Carr

            Joseph was born to Ellen and William Henry Carr December 29, 1917 in Verrett , Louisiana where he was reared, met and married Thelma Joseph. This union was blessed with nine children. They are: Ervin, Elenora, Pauline, Royland, Noel, Cora, Velma, Henry and Leonard.


           He was baptized at Second Baptist Church by Rev. Hezekiah Jones and served as Senior Deacon for numerous years. He later changed his church affiliation to First Baptist Church where he received the call of the Holy Spirit into the ministry and was licensed by Rev. Sam Smith to preach the word of God. Like his father before him, he was dedicated to the Sunday School of First Baptist Church where he served as teacher of the adult class and Superintendent of the Sunday School for many years.


           Again, like his father he was an ardent farmer and took delight in sharing the fruits of his labor with those around him as well as offering quality produce at the French Market in New Orleans at a fair price. He was a retired Petroleum Engineer; having worked for 43 years at Southern Natural Gas Company, Toca plant. He was a World War II veteran, having served in the United States Navy and he was a respectable member of Axiom Masonic Lodge #62 the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masons. He was also an honorary member of the New Orleans Police Department.


            Among his achievements also listed as one of his greatest accomplishments occurred on May 13, 1969. Joseph Carr was a member of the first Adult Graduating Class of Violet Consolidated School; under the tutelage of Mr. Joe Louis King.


            On Sunday, June 17, 2001, he passed away quietly  at the home of his oldest daughter Elenora, He was deeply loved by those who knew him. His perseverance, faithful service and devotion to God lives on in his children and grandchildren.

Marguary Carr Williams Rollins

            Margery was born to Ellen and William Henry Carr in Verrett, Louisiana on October 24, 1918.  Margery was very much a part of the Carr household until her early years, at which time she was placed in the care of her aunt and uncle, Georgiana and Dave Williams to be reared as their own. This agreement was made with the stipulation that she would continue to recognize her biological parents and siblings as such and that her last name remain “Carr”.


            Margery was given music lessons as a young child. These lessons along with her gifted voice would take her through many avenues. As she grew into adulthood she delighted many audiences with her mezzo-soprano voice. Later she would serve as organist and choir director for churches in St. Bernard, Plaquemine, Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.


            Margery’s first marriage was to Joseph S. Williams in November 1944. She later met and married Esau Rollins, Jr. She had no children of her own but was the foster mother of Larry Packnett, a child she came to love dearly. And he returned the love ten-fold.


            She departed this life on Sunday, February 7, 1982 at De La Ronde` Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana.  Margery was a virtuoso in her own right. Her voice filled the hallowed walls of many edifices. She will long be remembered for her soft manner of speaking and her pleasurable laughter.  

Oskar (Oscar) James Carr

            Oskar was born June 17, 1920 to Ellen and William Henry Carr. He was born and reared in Verrett, Louisiana.  He was baptized by his father at First Baptist Church as a young man. He yearned to see the world and experience new and different people, places and things.  On July 29, 1942 he enlisted in the United States Navy which allowed him to fulfill his dream.

            He was as inimitable as the spelling of his name. Through the years Oskar lost physical contact with several members of the family but, the love that was uniquely "Carr" kept us close.  Time  in no way diminished that love.

            Oskar was the father of Barbara Elizabeth, Rudolf and Rolina Carr.  He later met and married Ophelia Priscilla Luster and their union produced seven children: Oscar Pierre, Orlando, LaRhonda, Firpo Wycoff, Phala Mene, Ryan Keith and Tashi Le Meshe.


            “Scottie” as he was called in his youth, was an integral part of the family’s dynasty. He was a devout Christian whose mission in life was to emulate the teachings of Jehovah. 

          He quietly slipped away on Thursday, July 24, 1997 surrounded by his loving wife and children. He sleeps peacefully now but his legacy is very much alive through the lives of his children and grandchildren.


David Carr

              David was born October 28, 1921 to Ellen and William Henry Carr.  He was baptized by his father at First Baptist Church in Verrett.  David was young and somewhat of an explorer.  He longed to visit places beyond the confines of St. Bernard Parish. 


            On October 20, 1945 David enlisted in the United States Army. While serving his duty as an American, he returned home on numerous occasions, but David made a choice to make a career in the military and his home in Junction City, Kansas.  David loved his family and proved it through his letters, phone calls and the occasional visit.


            He was a very private person so little is known of his personal life. He was however, the father of one son, James Nichols. David’s life ended on Monday, April 11, 2011 as privately and quietly as he lived.

             David passed away on April 11, 2011 in Junction City Kansas. He was laid to rest at his son's request in Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver County, Colorado. 

The following is a memorial to David Carr from his son.


Friday, May 13, 2011


David was a man that was intimately acquainted with a very strong work ethic.

He gave to many charities and loved serving in the military. Some people talk a lot but show very little substance. David said very little and his actions showed tremendous substance. He cared deeply for people, charities, and had a love for dogs. He was very private. He walked everywhere until he was confined to his house.


 My dad was an amazing man. He leaves me with a message that will clothe me until I die-"save while you are young, take care of your wife and family, eat wisely, and check the tires on your car." I love you David and I will greatly rejoice when I see you when I come home.



James Nichols

Lillie Dorothy Carr Gordon

           Lillie Dorothy was born September 26, 1925 to Ellen and William Henry Carr in Verrett.  She was youngest of the Carr children.


            Lillie grew up in Verrett, where she was baptized by her father at First Baptist Church. She later moved to New Orleans where she met and married Venus Gordon. They were blessed with a daughter and son:  Lillie Mae and Anthony “Butch” Wayne Gordon.


            Her early Christian experience includes her diligent service at First and Second Baptist Churches.  While residing in New Orleans she joined and served as a member of the deaconess board of Sunlight Baptist church. 

             Years later, she and her husband decided to make their home in Saint Bernard Parish, where she had grown up. After some time, she decided to place her membership at  Corinne Missionary Baptist Church as a member of the deaconess board. Her husband joined her at Corinne as a member of the Deacon Board and they were installed as such by the late Rev. Granderson Hunter. She was a faithful Christian and served as a dutiful Intercessor for many who sought prayers.  She labored faithfully under both Pastor Hunter and Pastor John Bailey until her death.


            Genteel, affectionate, compassionate, are words that can easily be used to identify her manner.  As children we were intrigued by her account of the past as she shared her childhood memories with us.  She was our source of good, unbiased advice and fantastic friendship. Even though she was the youngest of fourteen children, she was the substitute mother to many of her nieces and nephews.


            She quietly passed away on Thursday, January 16, 1992 at Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital in New Orleans.  Her passing left a great void in many lives and hearts but her memory is still cherished by all who knew and loved her.

Katie Elise Giles Penns


           Katie Elise Giles Penns was born in 1920 to the union of Miley Carr Giles and Ben Giles. She grew up in Verrett, Louisiana under the watchful eye of her grandparents, Ellen and William Carr.  She grew up in the home  with Willie, Ellen, Joseph, Oskar, David and Lillie.

            She met and married Ernest Penns, December, 1938, and was the mother of Mary Alice, Raymond, Ernest, Jr., Betty, Jacquelyn, William and Danny. Katie loved not only her children but the many children of the family and was deeply loved in return.


            She was a loving and caring mother and also a no nonsense mother. As a Christian, she attended Sunlight Baptist Church in New Orleans. She was a very spiritual person with a strong love for God. It was her inner strength and determination that allowed her to persevere. She faced many obstacles in her life with a smile on her face. She left us in the cold of winter to reap the sunshine of a beautiful spring as she faced a new life.

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