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June  2021

Remembering With Reverence

            Dare we wonder where we veered from the course of our ancestors? They were the ones who endured pain, heartache, and mistreatment; the ones who defied their oppressors and laid down their lives so that the coming generations would have a better chance at life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They learned to speak, read, and write a language not familiar to their native land. They were taken from their homelands, brought to another continent, and made subservient to those less civilized, beaten and mistreated yet, they remained proud of their heritage.

            Dare we remember and recognize the fictional histories told to and by family and friends to discourage those who chose to follow the path of their ancestors? Many facts passed down were mere dreams that never came to fruition, and many were unspoken desires of the heart, and many were boastful fabrications for the pleasure of onlookers and to impress oneself.

            Dare we attempt to influence the attitudes of others toward family and friends, when passing judgment upon them because of their progression in life? We learned as children, ‘If you harbor hatred within your heart, you leave no space for love to enter.’ Yet, many of us misconstrue a simple gesture, a title, a courageous act, or deed, as a reason to formulate a dislike for another individual.

            Dare we pass this hatred and jealousy down to our children and grandchildren as we go through life building on a foundation of untruths for no apparent reason other than to strengthen the basis for more lies? We are all equal in the sight of God. For we have all become like one who is unclean, and all our righteousness is like filthy rags or a polluted garment… Isaiah 65:6 paraphrased.

            Dare we mock and laugh at our elders whose advice is shunned for a more favorable appearance in the sight of others? Dare we recall the days of our youth when we were kept by the prayers and actions of those, we now look upon with revulsion? Dare we remember the need that was fulfilled by those who are now considered repulsive? Dare we scorn those asleep in their graves, the very persons who aided us in our need and asked nothing in return?

            Stifle your laughter! Speak truth in retrospect! Emulate your ancestors whose most precious gift was sacrifice in order that you might fulfill your dream! Thank God for hearing their most fervent prayers and blessing your life. Remember with Objectivity, Certainty, Veneration and Love! 

Yvonne Richard-Sanchez

All Rights Reserved©2021

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