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September 2022


Our Children are Our Future

          Looking back at the generations before us, we can truly see the benefit of having values. No, they did not have the most expensive wardrobe; they did not attend the most prestigious institutes of higher learning, nor were they eloquent statesmen. They were men and women of meager means, they worked hard for whatever they desired and their reputations were valuable assets.

Wardrobes were what they made. Our ancestors used whatever material they found and fashioned clothing for themselves. They wore second-hand clothing passed down from persons who also wore the titles of “wealthy”. The belief was “clothing played no part in making the man; instead the character of the man enhanced the clothing”. They did not need the latest fashions to prove themselves worthy in this world. As a man thinketh, so is he!

          In the words of our ancestors, their heads may not have been rubbed against the walls of colleges and universities but it was their objective to gain as much knowledge and understanding as possible. What they learned, they passed on to others. Personal experiences made the learning process easier and faster, as long as the information was helpful and truthful. Educating oneself through biblical readings was a main avenue toward learning right from wrong, love from hate, and good from evil.

          One might assume public speaking was an easy task. It might have been easy for some of the people but those who were shy and less knowledgeable it might have seemed exceptionally tough. That is where church played its part. Sunday services were important auditions for many. They learned how to maintain their composure, hold their head high, speak clearly and precisely and memorize important facts. They learned confidence, while calling upon God for strength and endurance to perform the task set before them. Some gained help while singing a solo in church while others gained help while praying a fervent prayer to God.

          Yes, Sundays they dressed in their finest clothing, walked to church, stood before the congregation and proved themselves to be one of God’s greatest statesmen all because they felt the need to stand on a higher rung of life’s ladder. They did this for their children and grandchildren. Grandma Tootsie seldom prayed aloud except when she prayed for generations yet unborn. Looking back over the years, I can appreciate the sacrifices made for grandchildren many never got the opportunity to meet on this side of Heaven.

          So much was done to help us succeed. So many things were sacrificed so that we might be able to get further in life than they were. This is why we cannot become complacent. We must strive to move higher on that ladder; always reaching for higher achievements in life. Let’s make sure we contribute to the legacy so when our children and grandchildren read about our accomplishments, they will also be motivated to add to the chain of successful, loving, caring individuals.   

Yvonne Richard-Sanchez

All Rights Reserved©2022

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