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January 2023


Happy New Year Family

          Welcome family members and Happy New Year.  May God bless each of you in the years yet to come.  We have started expanding the stories to include the next generation, their descendants, notable events and accomplishments in the lives of the original Carr family.  You are invited to share your family's information and photos for publication. 

 “Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others usually make no time to               correct their own.” Art Jonak

          There are times when we are met with unsolicited assistance, egotism and antagonism. While enjoying the Christmas break, I was contacted by someone who has taken an interest in our family.  To my knowledge, this person is neither a member of the Carr nor Smith Family; yet, he proceeded to challenge facts on OUR family website.


          Allow me to emphasis the fact that this website was created to introduce and acquaint family members with our ancestors. This was a vision my brother, Paul and I shared years ago. The facts entered on this website are believed to be true and accurate accounts of Carr History. The information on the website was taken from various documents as well as stories passed on to us by our grandparents and their children. I was challenged on facts pertaining to the Smith family. While our grandmother Ellen was a daughter of Rev. Samuel Smith, (original) this website is not about his life. Insinuations were made concerning the accuracy of information on the website. After informing  him that the information was accurate to my knowledge, he became indignant. At that point, I ended communication with him. Yet, the following morning, I began receiving copies of documents completed, signed and witnessed by representatives of Saint Bernard Parish government. ​

“If my actions don’t concern you…don’t concern yourself with my actions.”        


            We can only speculate as to the reason for the inaccuracies on the documents. The officials knew with the couple, therefore,  incorrect information may have inadvertently been inserted in an effort to help the couple obtain their marriage license and receive the Widows Pension from the Freedman Bureau. However, when comparing dates, signatures and timelines I discovered many discrepancies. Persons were omitted and general information was incorrect. There was an array of signatures, from their mark (X)  to perfect cursive.

There was also conflicting dates of major events. But, whatever the reason for the inconsistency of these documents, we will never know. However, we cannot change the true facts in the history of our family and we definitely will not deny the existence of family members due to clerical errors. I think this person would do well to heed the sayings in bold, included in this monthly post.


“Keep your attention focused on what is truly your own concern, and be clear that what belongs to others is their business and none of yours – Epictetus”

          Regardless of what the document states, this is OUR family. We asked questions as children. We made mental and written notes while researching our family. We traced our family trees before and others came into existence. The research started with conversations with family elders, which is highly recommended by genealogists today. We checked church records. We recorded conversations on reel-to-reel tape, with our elders. We investigated whenever possible. This website is in part the work of my brother, Jessie Paul who traveled to various locations to gather the voices of family members, many of us have never met. He brought his microphone to the sick and shut-in to allow them to have a voice in our history. 

“Nothing will bring you greater peace than minding your own business”


          I have read the journal numerous times. Grandpa discloses the good and bad events of his life, the village of Verrett, and its inhabitants.  Many of us heard him preach sermons from the pulpit of Second Missionary Baptist Church in Highland. We were blessed to watch and learn scripture as he taught us in Sunday school. We remember his prayers for the young men fighting on battlefields on foreign soil during World War II. It is up to his descendants to not only tell his story but let our voice be heard as we tell our story.


Yvonne Richard Sanchez


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