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February 2021

          There are times when I wish I could bring back the past; maybe re-live an unforgettable event, or talk with a special person, or experience a simple memory. Even though the past is behind us it remains within our minds. The thoughts we recall help us reflect on how far we have come and helps us as we attempt to move toward the future.

          My ancestors were simple people. They cared not about “form or fashion” as they called it. Instead, they cared about each other and sought ways to make life easier for those less fortunate. Even though they did not have much, they greeted each other with a warm embrace, and a genuine smile. They lived a simple life; filled with diligence and commitment to whatever task was before them.

          Their family was their pride and joy. The children and grandchildren who were blessed to have known them shared a unique relationship with them. Each child and grandchild was treated uniquely. This was purposely done to instill love and kindness throughout generations yet to come. They knew it was important to demonstrate this closeness with the younger generations because it gave them a sense of who they are and where they came from.

          Although they planted the seeds of love and kindness, there were times it seemed to wane. But the waning did not last for long because the next season would bring about a harvest stronger than the previous one. That was the way they spread love and kindness.

          At times someone chooses to walk away from the influences of the past and the proud examples set before them. That is their prerogative. But in doing so, they are loosening the bond that makes us who we are. Within our bodies runs the blood of those who endured so very much in order that we might reap the benefits of their sacrifice.

          Let us not throw away our heritage so easily. Instead, let us strive to keep their hopes and dreams alive within ourselves and forge ahead leaving a strong foundation for our children to build upon. But, as we forge ahead, let us not forget to take decency, responsibility, self-respect and knowledge. These are the truths that empower us to demand and receive a place in history, a seat at the table, and an equal chance that leads to a better way of life. We are a composite of our ancestors. Within our veins, flows the blood of royalty. They are counting on us to continue to carry the torch that lights the way for those yet unborn.

Yvonne Richard-Sanchez

All Rights Reserved©2021

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