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July  2021


Our family is like the branches

On an old but sturdy tree

The leaves resemble people

That make up our ancestry

The past has not been easy

And it could have made it fall

But the roots are cemented firmly

For this tree to stand so tall

As time goes by it’s certain

That the leaves will wither and wilt

But new branches of the tree will thrive

On foundations they have built

Together we are stronger

It isn’t hard to see

That every leaf is needed

To make this family tree.



  We are all a part of a strong root system. And even though we may choose to

  branch out in different directions, we are still connected. Many times various 

  leaves may choose not to maintain the generational bond within the tree but,

  those of us left to stand firm will continue to grow and eventually spread our     branches, reaching for the heavens without them. Having the knowledge that

 their choice may hinder their growth, some will choose to fertilize the soil so

 that they become a part of the great oak while others will simply fly away and

 wither into obscurity. The choices we make determine the outcome of our lives.

Yvonne Richard-Sanchez

All Rights Reserved©2021

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