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The Life and Times of Rev. William Henry Carr

and his descendants 


      Carr Legacy serves as a historical record of the humble beginnings of our ancestors. It contains information dating back as far as research has taken me thus far. It bears record of the Baptiste-Carr and Bennett-Smith families. After years of genealogy research, I have combined information from family bibles, census records, death and birth records, military records, other public records and obituaries. 


      Much gratitude to those who have left us with written records and verbal stories to substantiate facts found in historical documentation. It is my sincere wish that those who come after us will continue to tell their stories, share photos, and keep all memories fresh for generations yet to come. 


      Much of the information included in this website was obtained from the personal journal of Rev. William Henry Carr, Family Bibles, descendants of the families represented, Census Records, manuscripts, receipts, and other documents written and signed in their own hand decades ago.  We have all heard stories and been witness to events of the past. This website may contain such stories and eyewitnesses to events of this nature; but please note, any entity wishing to dispute these recorded facts must show cause as well as produce documentation supporting their cause.  As with all things, when one has the ability to accomplish extraordinary task, there are those who wish to diminish their success with ambiguity, intimation, and  mendacity.  Yet, there are those of us who can and will speak on their behalf.  I will unremittingly represent and support my ancestors with truth, and great affection.   

Yvonne Richard-Sanchez, Publisher

"Remember me in the family tree, my name, my days, my strife; Then I'll ride upon the wings of time, and live an endless life."

   - Linda Goetsch

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